Seagull Services Vehicle Donation Program

Seagull Services is a private nonprofit agency that proudly serves teens and adults with an array of developmental disabilities with programs that enable them to fulfill their life's full potential.

Seagull Services includes vocational training facilities, a state-of-the-art charter school for children with significant learning challenges along with a summer day camp for ages 11-22, a residential program with life skills training, community-based skills training, and a learning farm where program participants can gain experience in commercial agricultural and culinary training programs.

Seagull Services also offers employment assistance and on-the-job training for those who may have other challenges and face barriers to employment. Our service area includes the Greater Palm Beaches and Southern Martin County.

Seagull Services was founded in 1979 as Seagull Industries for the Disabled. The initial goal of the founders - parents of children with disabilities- was to improve the education and quality of life of individuals with intellectual and other developmental disabilities. Now in its fourth decade, Seagull has grown into a community agency meeting some of the most critical needs of individuals with disabilities in the Greater Palm Beaches.

Have an old car taking up space in your driveway? Donate it to Seagull Services!

We accept all types of vehicles:

How it Works

1. Call us at 855-500-RIDE or 855-500-7433

2. We will tow your vehicle at no cost to you!

3. Get a tax deductible receipt and help our cause.

Making a Donation is EASY!

It's as easy as filling out the online donation form or picking up a phone and speaking to a live operator.

If you have any questions just call one of our friendly operators toll-free at 855-500-RIDE or 855-500-7433 seven days a week.

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